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Musae & 19 Broadway Nightclub launches

an experiential concert series in 360°


Ride into the future with us & get a FREE VR headset for the launch.

Join us on Sat, October 10th at 6:30pm (PST)


We’ve missed you. We miss our live music. We miss it all. 

It may yet be awhile before we can get you back in here, so until then…

We’re going to bring 19Broadway to you.

And by that we mean the tastiest, most immersive, interactive, high fidelity concerts with your favorite artists.

→   Concerts will be in HD and 360° Virtual Reality. Both at the same mind-blowing time.

→   19Broadway will be giving away free VR headsets for every show so you can join us for an immersive hifi experience. 

Our new adventure begins 10/10/20 with Big Brother & the Holding Company’s historic first performance during the pandemic. We sure hope you’ll join us.

Thank you for all your support during this time,

—Tyler Snow & the team at 19Broadway

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  1. Big Brother and the Holding Company SUMMERTIME 4:01
  2. Big Brother and the Holding Company DOWN ON ME 2:07
  3. Big Brother and the Holding Company BALL & CHAIN 9:38